Pastor James P. Perkins is a native of Clayroot, North Carolina. He graduated from D.H.
Conley High School in Greenville, NC. He continued his education at both Kittrell and
Beauford Community College–majoring in Accounting, Metallurgy, and Plant Science. He
accepted his call into the ministry in 1977. He is the Pastor and Founder of Victory
Tabernacle Church of Raleigh, Inc., since 1986.

Pastor Perkins is very active in community affairs. He provides guidance, counseling,
direction and support to many people, including troubled youths. He is a knowledgeable
advocate within the legal system for many who would otherwise have to stand alone. He
ministers to the sick and promotes a ministry of compassion for hurting people.
Pastor Perkins often gives guidance and financial support to other parishioners and
ministries including the building of their facility. He has provided financial support to foreign
missions to help build churches to provide a place for their people to worship. He
represents the church and its ministry to the community at large.

Through his obedience to God, he has crossed denominational barriers to minister and to
touch the lives of many, including non-protestants in North Carolina and other States across
the nation. God has highly anointed him to teach His unadulterated Word. Through his
ministry, yokes have been destroyed, shackles have been loosened, and souls have been

Pastor Perkins is fully persuaded to preach the gospel so that no one will have need of
anything. This persuasion has taken him to Africa where God poured out His anointing and
blessed many souls through his ministering. Elder Perkins agreed that his time in Africa
was one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences. He is a spiritual father and
the Pastor of Dr. Raul Novinte, who has established a church in Nacala Port City,
Mozambique. Dr. Novinte is also the Mayor of Nacala Port City. Pastor Perkins is so
thankful to have made a deposit in the life of Dr. Novinte. For that, he gives God all the
glory and honor.

He and his wife, Minister Pamela Privette Perkins, have four beautiful children—Marilyn
(Swayze), Tasha (Brandon), James, Jr. (Kamilah) and Jonathan (Shavonna); and five
grandchildren—Jameson, Jadyn, Avery, Logan and Kylee.